What is XMPP ❓ — Extensible Messaging & Presence Protocol

What is XMPP — Extensible Messaging & Presence Protocol?

The Usage

The Attributes

  • It’s decentralized.
  • It supports the asynchronous exchange of data/information.
  • Transmits tiny pieces of the data instead of forwarding the big chunks directly.
  • It works over TCP.
  • Network configuration and components (hardware/software) has no role to play in the XMPP-based data transmission.
  • It is designed for client-server model.
  • It uses 3 statuses, namely ‘offline’, ‘busy’, or ‘online’, to tell about the status of a user or network.
  • It transfers data back and forth between two end-points.

XMPP Architecture

  • The presence stanza defines the network or user’s present status to others. For example, the user/network is online or offline.
  • Message stanza is a pushing instrument essential for chat messages exchange.
  • IQ stanza is the element that XMPP utilizes for data requests and modification. Just as HTTP has GET and POST, XMPP has IQ stanza.

How does XMPP protocol work?

XMPP Features

  • Asynchronous Push Messaging
  • Client-Server Architecture
  • Persistent TCP Connections
  • Decentralized Hosting
  • Gateways

XMPP Protocol Example

  • WhatApp is built using a proprietary XMPP.
  • The amazing chat capability of Zoom is all because of XMPP.
  • For instant push notification delivery, Apple uses XMPP both in the iPhone and Mac.
  • XMPP is used in the chat functionality of Grindr.

Benefits of XMPP

  • A Reliable Protocol to Back upon
  • Improves Communication Infrastructure for you
  • Guarantee of Delivery
  • Support by most of the Standard Programming Languages
  • Decentralized
  • Higher Security
  • Uninterrupted Transmission of Data
  • Server-to-Server Transfers
  • Compatibility

The Crux




CEO at Wallarm. Application security platform to prevent threats and discover vulnerabilities in a real-time.

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Ivan Novikov

Ivan Novikov

CEO at Wallarm. Application security platform to prevent threats and discover vulnerabilities in a real-time.

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