What is MQTT ❓ All you need to know.

What is MQTT and what is it for?

MQTT history

Features of MQTT protocol

  • Relaxed Getting Around
  • Reliable Connectivity
  • It encourages omni-directional messaging
  • Scale the message

How does MQTT work?

MQTT broker

The four stages of the MQTT session

  • Connection
  • Authentication
  • Communication
  • Termination


  1. QoS -1
  • Applicable to the devices where MQTT-SN is used
  • No need to have an MQTT connectivity
  • The sender of message cannot retire it
  • Becomes QoS 0 when message reaches the broker and is received by it.
  • Use it for low-powered IoT application
  • When cutting down the messaging cost is the goal
  • It puts best possible efforts in ensuring accurate delivery of message in question
  • Don’t wait for response after delivering the message/information
  • The sender can’t retire it
  • A broker won’t queue the message on disconnecting
  • Less efficient from QoS-1
  • Suitable for power-constrained IoT application
  • Confirm the successful sending of the text/data at least once (by sending acknowledgment or something similar)
  • The sender holds the message and proceeds further only when it addresses to take the PUBACK command from the addressee.
  • Allows exchange and delivery of same message twice or more.

MQTT use cases

Using MQTT in the IoT

  • As MQTT warrants for delivering the message. It supports exact and quick meter readings leading to precise billing in real-time. IoT applications for remote monitoring run on power-efficient sensors. As MQTT has low data broadcast requirements, it’s the best choice for IoT remote sensor applications.
  • MQTT is used widely in applications that need healthy and ensured machine data delivery. For instance, Ably claims to develop a wind turbine, using MQTT, that shares accurate data on the turbine’s operation accuracy with the local team. This data is exchanged before the data reaches the data center.
  • IoT devices that are involved in billing/invoices are able to reduce the possibilities of data duplication and misplacements as the broker ensures the message reaches its destination.
  • Regardless of the purpose, MQTT in IoT promotes continual information sharing, publishing, and information exchange in resource-limited IoT devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of MQTT

  • Smooth Communication
  • Prevents the need for Polling
  • Hassle-free Service Discovery
  • Message customization
  • MQTT features a slow transmission cycle and makes the data transportation a bit elongated. With this, it creates a scalable network, for which, operating on a global level is a tough task. Maintaining authentication and interoperability at each broker demands hard work.
  • It’s not a video-streaming supportive protocol. Though TLS encryption is offered, one has to build the security layer later on.
  • MQTT is not planned with undivided attention to security. This is why its security is hardly impressive. It comes with limited authentication facilities, only for passwords and usernames, while sharing them as clean text. If one adds SSL/TLS to enhance its security then communication becomes overburdened.

Is MQTT secure?




CEO at Wallarm. Application security platform to prevent threats and discover vulnerabilities in a real-time.

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Ivan Novikov

Ivan Novikov

CEO at Wallarm. Application security platform to prevent threats and discover vulnerabilities in a real-time.

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