What is Cryptojacking Attack ❓ Definition and Prevention

Cryptojacking definition

  • Cryptocurrency Definition
  • Cryptomining Definition

Future of Cryptojacking

  • Strict law enforcement that makes things tougher for the crypto world
  • Ban of Coinhive

How it Works?

  • The attacker integrated the script for mining in a webpage or an email
  • The code is auto-installed as soon as the target clicks on the malicious code.
  • The script program runs in the background stealthily, controlling the targeted device.
  • The desired resources are consumed as per the need of the attacker.
  • Attackers start mining using the targeted devices’ resources.
  • As the primary step of cryptomining, hackers start cracking the complicated algorithms.
  • Once the algorithm is solved, the hacker can earn the cryptocurrency.

Cryptojacking Methods

  • File-Based Cryptojacking
  • Browser-Based Cryptojacking
  • Cloud Cryptojacking

Real examples of cryptojacking

  1. Microsoft

Detecting cryptojacking. Quick test

  • Poor performance delivery
  • Excessive heating
  • Inspect the CPU usage
  • Keeping an eye on the website

Cryptojacking Prevention Tips and Tricks

  • Use cybersecurity tools that could speedily detect malicious code in your system;
  • Web browsers are the first choice of threat attackers. This is why protecting it is the first defense action. There are a few trustworthy add-ons (e.g., No Coin, AntiMiner, and minerBlock) you may bank upon for this.
  • Be aware of current cryptojacking trends to figure out what all the attackers are capable of currently;
  • Blocking ads from untrusted sources, one can reduce the risks of cryptojacking. For this, you can spend some time and find a reliable ad blocker for your use.
  • Disable JavaScript while visiting a suspicious site or disable auto-downloading in your browser.
  • Use Walarm API Security Platform, also read the important post about API security




CEO at Wallarm. Application security platform to prevent threats and discover vulnerabilities in a real-time.

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Ivan Novikov

Ivan Novikov

CEO at Wallarm. Application security platform to prevent threats and discover vulnerabilities in a real-time.

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