What is a Botnet ❓ Definition, Types, Example Attack

Botnet Definition

How Does a Botnet Work?

Stages of botnet building

  1. Stage 1 — Prepare and Expose

Types of Botnet Attacks

  • DDoS
  • Phishing
  • Brute Force Attacks

Botnet control models

Examples of a Botnet

  • Mirai Botnet Attack
  • Zeus Botnet Attack

What Are Botnets Used For?

  • Fraudulent or money stealing
  • Data theft
  • Cryptocurrency mining
  • Perform spamming and phishing frauds

How to Track Botnets?

  • Consider the presence of botnet in your device if you witness an abrupt spike in bandwidth consumption and a sudden dip in the internet speed. Whenever a botnet is active, it consumes bandwidth to send spam emails or perform a DDoS attack. This results in excess bandwidth consumption and a significant drop in speed.
  • The presence of a botnet will also lead to unwanted or unexpected changes in the system files. If you’re feeling that a certain account’s configuration or file’s access preference has altered without any intervention then it’s because of a botnet.
  • Botnets will force a particular program to run as long as a malware attack is performed. So, if you’re facing any issues in closing a particular program then botnet could be a reason for this.
  • The presence of botnets will infect the system’s OS and will create a hindrance in an OS update.
  • If you’re noticing any unidentified processes in the task manager refers to the botnet presence.
  • One can easily track botnet with the help of anti-virus software. They can scan the presence of botnets and much other malware easily and effortlessly. Some high-end anti-virus software even comes with a special botnet checker.

How to Protect Your Computer from Botnets?

  • Updated OS
  • Download from trusted resources
  • No accessibility to suspicious links
  • Paying attention to website security
  • Stay away from P2P downloads
  • Changing login details while introducing new devices
  • Using the protection of firewall
  • Strong password and 2FA
  • Deployment of anti-virus software
  • Dependable security tool




CEO at Wallarm. Application security platform to prevent threats and discover vulnerabilities in a real-time.

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Ivan Novikov

Ivan Novikov

CEO at Wallarm. Application security platform to prevent threats and discover vulnerabilities in a real-time.

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