How Tesla and HyperLoop accelerations help people with rocket flights

We don’t need that crazy acceleration for Tesla cars and Hyperloop for daily life in a few words. It’s a lot of fun, for sure, and some marketing feature that puts electric cars in supercars bucket. At the same time, that crazy acceleration train people to take overloads. In my personal experience of Tesla Model 3 performance for two years, I have to say that it’s not just fun to hit the gas pedal in full, but also training for vestibular. It works for you and your passengers.

Look, it’s logical. The future of Earth transportation is definitely should be much faster than hypersonic flights. And the most reasonable technology we have to make it happen is rocketing.

The only thing that blocks this is an acceptance of an acceleration overload. As well as a reaction time, that trains by video games ( for almost an entire population of your people, the acceptance of acceleration overload is the thing that will be upgraded as well by daily usage of products like Tesla and Hyperloop.

And here some numbers to demonstrate how close we are (sources: Wired,but%20not%20for%20very%20long, Nasa:, TheVerge

Without an additional conspiracy, I guess this is the plan rather than just marketing, and we will see the rocket flights between cities in the next decade or two.

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